Library Committee Work

As part of my job as a Youth Services Librarian, I was involved in a variety of library-wide planning committees, including:

Wizards and Wands Festival, Chair 2018-2021
As the founding chair, I worked with library staff, administration, and volunteers to create the annual Wizards & Wands Festival, a library-wide, after-hours celebration of all things magic. From 2018-present, I managed a 15+ person committee, led monthly meetings, and planned, directed, and implemented all activities, decor, and presenters related to the event. As chair, I oversaw an annual $18,000 budget, coordinated event staff and volunteers, and consulted with other departments to create the best experience for everyone. Learn more here.

Equity & Diversity Committee, Secretary 2020-2021
As a member of the Equity & Diversity Committee, I worked with library staff from all departments to examine the library’s collection, services, physical space, and culture through an equity, diversity, and inclusion lens. This included making recommendations to administration and the board of trustees about policy changes, planning a library-wide de-escalation training, creating a climate survey for library staff, and regularly looking for and completing EDI training opportunities.

Marketing the Collection Committee, Member 2019-2021
As a member of the Marketing the Collection Committee, I coordinated department and library-wide display guidelines, planned department visual merchandizing trainings, and researched display fixtures and stands for future purchase.


As part of my job as a Youth Services Librarian, I was always looking for new sources of funding to create meaningful projects for my community.

SRP Graphic Novel Author Series
In March 2021, I received a $1475 LSTA Grant through the State Library of Ohio to fund 96 Create Your Own Graphic Novel take home kits and three virtual author visits featuring Gabriela Epstein, Victoria Ying, and Victoria Jamieson. More details to come.

Innovation Lab Grant
In May 2017, I received a $5000 LSTA Grant through the State Library of Ohio to fund a technology tool kit (our “Innovation Lab”) that we use to run introductory technology programs in the Westerville Public Library and Westerville City Schools. Programs incorporated a variety of technologies that Westerville students do not have regular access to such as Dash and SPRK+ robots, 3Doodlers, green screens, and Bloxels. We have used these tools to reach 1500 students so far and continue to use them in monthly programs.

Many Voices Partnership

In 2020, the Westerville Public Library partnered with the Westerville Education Foundation and other community organizations to create the Many Voices: Diverse Classroom Library Project to supply K-12 teachers with books to expand their classroom libraries with the aim of promoting discussions about racial and social diversity and providing students access to books representative of contemporary families and inclusive of culture, history, and diverse perspectives. (Learn more about the Many Voices project here.)

I worked extensively to add suggested titles to the Many Voices Resources List, expand the list and fill in gaps based on my personal reading, and format the spreadsheet for ease of use by educators. See the full Resource List here.

Media Mentorship

One of my work goals for 2017 was to explore the concept of media mentorship at Westerville Library. During that year, I completed this goal by:

  • Training my fellow youth librarians on media mentor concepts
  • Creating a monthly staff email featuring new websites and apps pertinent to upcoming programs and activities
  • Creating information sheets advertising different forms of media as ways to gain information
  • Creating a database of recommended apps and technology tools for programming
  • Evaluating and purchasing new technology for the youth department
  • Running a series of technology-based programs during Summer Reading Club themed to Build a Better World

I created the following summary from my Media Mentor Training through the State Library of Ohio that I used to train my coworkers on these concepts:

In 2018, I continued to encourage the use of media mentor practices in my library by performing staff technology training sessions and by providing suggestions for ways to include technology tools and tips in programming. In 2019 and 2020, I continue to train all new youth services librarians on updated content.