Wizards and Wands Festival

The Westerville Public Library Wizards & Wands Festival celebrated the spellbinding magic of your library on Friday, October 26, 2018.

I served as founder and chair of this now-annual large-scale event. The 2018 Wizards & Wands Festival was the first time Westerville Library had presented a program of this size. For over a year, I led a committee of 12 library staff members from all library departments to plan the 22 activities and building-wide immersive decorations occurring during the festival. This program involved a $20,000 budget and had an audience of over 2300 community members.

After the success of the 2018 program, the Wizards & Wands Festival is now an annual event at Westerville Public Library. I am once again chairing the 2019 committee and will be creating an event planning guide and committee structure to help this event continue in the future.

Pictures from the 2018 Wizards & Wands Festival are included below.

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