As a Youth Librarian, I periodically created library programs for teens (ages 12-17). I regularly assisted our teen librarian by presenting Teen Volunteer Shelving Training programs, coordinating Junior Teen Advisory Board and Teen Advisory Board meetings, and assisting at Teen Lock-Ins as needed.

Bad Art Night

Teens put in their best effort to make the worst possible creations at Bad Art Night. In April 2019, I co-presented this program with Teen Librarian Michala Sage. The local newspaper, the Columbus Dispatch, covered the event. Read their article here.

Escape Room

I presented two escape room programs specifically for teens that focused on clues related to the Westerville Library and Westerville community. Teens had to complete puzzles and work as a team in order to escape the room before the end of the hour.

Finding the Right College for You

I occasionally present programs for teens focused on the college admissions process. This particular session focused on finding the right college for each student and talked about admission requirements, choosing a major, realistically examining the cost of college, and more. After the main program, I had 10 minute one-on-one sessions with personalized advice for each interested attendee.

During this program, I used the following presentation:

Attendees took home a folder of resources, including the following documents that I made: