I periodically create programs for all members of the family.

Life-Sized Candyland

Coming soon.

Pokemon GO Safari

In October 2016, I ran a Pokemon GO Safari for 30 attendees. After walking to six local Pokestops, we returned to the library to celebrate all things Pokemon. Attendees watched the first Pokemon episode, created Pokemon buttons using our button maker, played Pokemon Bingo and Pokemon Memory, hunted for Pokemon hidden in the youth area, created Pikachu ears, and designed their own Pokeballs.

I created the below map for patrons to use to find local Pokestops and Gyms:

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Star Wars Jedi Training Academy

To celebrate the release of Rogue One, I ran a Star Wars Jedi Training Academy drop-in program for all ages. Attendees could receive lightsaber training from the local 501st Legion, make Yoda Ears and Leia Buns, pin the lighsaber on Yoda, answer Star Wars trivia, and more.

The Star Wars Trivia Cards I created can be seen here:

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