As a Youth Librarian, I periodically created programs for all members of the family.

Chick Hatching

Each spring from 2018-2020, I partnered with Bring the Farm to You to have live chicks hatch at the library. This program was a great success all three years (even when we had to make it a digital event), bringing thousands of repeat visitors to the youth department of the library to watch the chicks hatch and explore during their first week of life. The chicks return to the library during our annual spring farm animal event when they are closer to fully grown.

Frozen Sing Along & Celebration


Just before the release of Frozen 2 in 2019, I celebrated the first film with 200 young fans and their families through a group story retelling and sing along. Afterwards, visitors made Frozen crowns, participated in a scavenger hunt, and more.

Read more about this event here.

Innovation Academy: Tech Fair

This multi-generational event encouraged families to work together to explore different types of technology. Each month particpants experimented with robots, coding apps, creation tools, virtual reality headsets, and more, learning new technology skills as a family.

Learn more here.

Life-Sized Candy Land

In 2017, 200 people participated in my Life-Sized Candy Land program. For two hours, our game board took over the entire youth department and families used colored spinners to travel through the different Candy Land worlds and earned free candy to keep. A group of dedicated teen volunteers helped made this program come to life.

Star Wars Jedi Training Academy

To celebrate the release of Rogue One, I ran a Star Wars Jedi Training Academy program. Attendees could receive lightsaber training from the local 501st Legion, make Yoda Ears and Leia Buns, pin the lightsaber on Yoda, answer Star Wars trivia, and more.