Book Talks

I regularly present book talks in Westerville School second to fifth grade classrooms. At each book talk, I talk about library services, upcoming programs, and 6-8 books appropriate for the age I am visiting. I present to 20-100 students at a time depending on the elementary school.

PowerPoint Presentations

I use a PowerPoint to show images to advertise library programs and the covers of the books I am discussing, particularly when presenting to large groups of students. The PowerPoint allows all students in the room to see the book covers and layouts of images in visual texts. I never read from the PowerPoints or distract students with extra text, but use these to enhance my presentation and to better keep the attention of all students.

View sample presentations here:

Take Home Sheets

After each presentation, each student receives a sheet showcasing the books, programs, and services I discussed.

View samples of these handouts below:

In addition to providing the students with a take-home sheet, I have also created a handout for teachers, explaining the services we offer just for educators.

View a sample teacher handout below:

Book Trailers

I include at least one publisher-created video book trailer in each of my book talks. I have created a YouTube playlist for each grade featuring book trailers for recommended books. I provide a link to these playlists on each of my book talk handouts, so students have another resource to access more recommended reads.

The book trailer playlist I provided to fourth and fifth graders during 2016 is provided below: