Welcome to my Portfolio

©2016 George C. Anderson, for Westerville Public Library UsesAs a girl who pretended to be afraid of the dark so I could use my night light to read past my bedtime, working at a library sounded like the best job in the world. My youthful passion for books has only continued to grow, alongside a desire to create a love of learning in children and teenagers. I achieve this goal every day through my work as a Youth Librarian at Westerville Public Library.

As a children’s librarian, I create programs and educational resources for ages 0-18. I particularly enjoy presenting storytimes for ages 0-2, technology programs for tweens, and book talks to all ages in local classrooms. In addition to programming, I train fellow librarians on media mentor concepts, create reader’s advisory resources, and work collaboratively across library departments to create large-scale programs like the Wizards & Wands Festival.

Outside of the library, I am an active member of ALSC and the Ohio Library Council (OLC). Currently, I am a member of the ALSC Reserach Agenda Taskforce, the ALSC Education Committee and the OLC Children’s Services Division Action Council, and I just completed a year as chair of the 2020 ALSC Notable Children’s Recordings Committee.

Follow my adventures at my blog, Book Cart Queens.